Wallet Features

Check out all the features our cryptocurrencies hardware wallet has to offer.

Easy To Use

Coin Safeguard hardware wallet is easy to use and handle. You can use it to pay fast with your Bitcoin, Litecoin or other cryptocurrency that will be supported in the future.

Bluetooth Enabled

Ready to connect with your mobile device - iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile-based.

NFC Payment

Allows fast and easy payment through NFC connectivity. With the wallet you can pay directly to a NFC POS terminal or to any mobile device with NFC.

Fingerprint Secured

Secure and fast confirmation of transaction's provided with a fingerprint reader.


Coin Safeguard hardware wallet is a single purpose device that is proofed to be malware safe. Malware cannot be installed on the device.

AES256 Encryption

Uses state of the art AES256 encryption to secure the communication and the data.

USB Connectivity

Connects to all PC, MAC and Linux machines fast and easy with the USB port. Also used as a battery charger for the wallet.

ARM CPU Powered

Powerful 120MHz Cortex-M4 ARM processor.

Easy To Carry

The small form factor and key-chain holder helps you carry the Coin Safeguard hardware walleet at all times.

Our Team

Passionate developers, talented engineers, and helpful support staff.


We value all our customers and partners.

USA Location

Fort Lauderdale


Phone: +1-754-444-9468

Bulgaria Location

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