We are happy to announce our first version of the hardware wallet board. This will be our main board for developing and testing the software. It includes everything necessary to have a complete and fully functional secured bitcoin hardware wallet. Soon will add some pictures with the 3D printed enclosure.

What's on the board:

  • ATSAM4E16C - 120MHz Cortex-M4 ARM microcontroller
  • Bluetooth
  • FPC1080A fingerprint reader
  • 128x64 OLED display
  • USB micro connector
  • Connector for the NFC board

Here are the first pictures. They were made with the phone so the quality is not so good. Soon will have better pictures.

csg cw100 ldo bottom on 1024

 csg cw100 ldo top off 1024

csg cw100 ldo bottom off 1024




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